Muslinz - 6pk Muslin Squares
Muslinz - 6pk Muslin Squares

Muslinz - 6pk Muslin Squares

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These muslins can be used for both cloth nappies and general baby wipe ups. All 'to go' bags should have a muslin of some description.

Using cloth nappies in the early newborn days can involve many changes, often muslins with a waterproof wrap works a treat both financially and practically.

Muslins can be folded into shaped nappies and secured with a nappi nippa, on change time the muslin can be removed, the wrap wiped down and reused meaning less wraps than muslins are required. As baby gets a little bigger you can then add some additional absorbency with an insert/booster of choice.

6 pack premium quality star printed muslin squares

Made from 100% cotton – machine washable

Approximately 70cm x 70cm (28″x28″)

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